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Building Energy Management Systems

Working with Aimteq we install and commission many versions of Building management Systems (BMS) in BT exchanges as well as other commercial sites. Our project management team work closely with Aimteq to ensure all work is delivered right first time to a high standard all over the UK.

Using these energy solutions, lighting, heating and air conditioning can be controlled remotely. Energy savings are significant along with the reduction in carbon footprint.


A web-enabled system, with remote access to control settings at any site and instant reporting of system performance and business critical alarm monitoring.

Key benefits:
• Improved equipment life span as heating, ventilation, lighting and air conditioning units only operate when necessary;
• An improved public perception of your company in the reduction of CO² emissions;
• A unique wireless building energy management system specifically designed for multi-building operators;
Installed in a variety of sectors including telecommunications, education, government, retail, banking, offices, data centres and restaurants.
The system controls the building lighting and temperature, which reduces energy usage and CO² emissions while ensuring the building’s environment remains perfectly suited to its usage at any time of the day.